6 Easy Yoga Poses Than Can Be Performed By Two People


Yoga done by two persons is a beautiful way to bring two different individuals together through movement, breathe, touch, and trust. Yoga postures are designed to create trust and strengthen communication between partners. It will build stronger communication and intimacy in any kind of relationship, whether it is friendship, a family member, or your significant other. It can be said of bringing union of two people. If you would like to improve not only your yoga practice but also your ability to connect with another person in a deeper way, partner yoga is the best way to do it. Below are five yoga poses that can be done by two.

Seated Meditation

Sitting back-to-back allows partners to lend each others’ support, so the core postural muscles can relax. Synchronized breathing can lead to a deep unspoken communication between one another. Partners can try a double breathe, inhaling and exhaling together from time to time. This practice breeds intimacy, equality and mutual respect between partners and enables calmer bodies that can go more smoothly into meditation. It should not replace independent meditation as a central practice, but it can be beneficial, relaxing, and fun.

Seated Twist

An easy beginner pose for the both of you. Sit cross-legged back-to-back and turn both your shoulders to the right and reach your right hand to your partner’s left knee. Straighten your back as you breathe into a deeper twist. Allow oneself to relax, be aware of yourself and your partner, and adjust the depth of the pose to suit your flexibility. After several practice to the right, now twist to the other side and do the left part.


Stand facing your partner one arm’s length away, and hold each others’ hands. Slowly lower oneself back into a squat-like position, keeping the toes further forward than the knees. Unlike in regular chair pose, one can bring their shoulders directly over their hips without falling backward, as long as one pulls backward evenly with the partner. This intensively strengthen the legs especially if one will do moving squats in tandem.

L-Shaped Handstand

Both are going to create an L-shape with their bodies. One of will sit down in staff pose and the other one will come into a supported tuck handstand. In order to achieve this easily, one partner in staff pose helps to lift the leg of the one in a handstand. In both poses keep the core engaged, shoulders strong but kept away from the ears.

Boat Pose

Sit facing each other and reach for your partner’s wrists. While holding each other, walk the soles of your feet together, drawing your knees towards the chest. Keeping the spine straight and chest open, begin to straighten the legs. This is a challenging pose and needs a lot of openness and flexibility in the hip flexors and hamstrings.

Acro Yoga

The stronger partner can lie on the floor and raise both legs up to 45°. The more flexible partner can place her front hips on the base’s feet, so the center of each forefoot aligns. The flyer can reach down to join hands with the base, who will bend her knees just slightly and lift the flyer up to balance on her feet. The flyer should keep her front core engaged for support, and her back active for energetic lift. The base should keep her hips and stomach strong and stable; wider elbows can help with lateral weight shifts. Both partners need to trust each other and be very attentive to each others’ movements, so this is a great exercise to build teamwork.

Cobra with Chair

Let your partner lay on the floor, and stand straddling her. Have her lift her head and shoulders pointing upwards and reach her hands back, palms facing out, for you to hold. Slowly pull her upward and backward, being sensitive to her limits and staying gentle but firm. You can also squat down on her legs for more stability and a somewhat gentler stretch. Repeat this 3-5 times to create better feeling.

There are many reasons why yoga can be made better with a companion to achieve a better lifestyle. A partner yoga practice can make changes of the little parts of you for the better. It is certainly a workout, both physically and emotionally that can be enjoyed both you and your partner.

Here are some reasons to convince you that partner yoga is the next big thing to indulge with.

1. Learn to Trust one another

Trusting one another enhances the ability to trust oneself. There is a beautiful quality of being interdependent from one another that one can experience in performing partner yoga. When one have trust in oneself and partner both might find feeling empowered to go much deeper with much less effort. As one is experiencing this beautiful state of trust with a partner, some realize that this is also true in life.

2. Create Experiences Together

Partner yoga is an experience in itself. The experience you are sharing together and will probably remember forever. At a partner yoga session both of you will be left to be serious, playful and creative in your own way. The whole activity is fun and builds a solid foundation for a long term relationship.

3. Learn To Let Go

Partner yoga is the best way to learn to let go and enjoy life! You’ll discover your sense of fun in new experiences, which will naturally help you develop a sense of letting go. Deep down we’re all dreaming of a state where nothing matters and we can leave our serious lives behind for a bit and what better way of doing that than being playful with a friend and share some laughter with him.

4.The Power Of Touch

As in any relationship, touch is an important part of partner yoga too. We touch and we are being touched. Touch means something different to everyone. For some it can be intimidating at first, and for some it is empowering. It is nice to find the balance with each other and discover how we`re reacting to each others’ touch. Whether you connect through the very tips of your toes or the entire length of your spine, touch will increase your awareness of one another. This increased awareness and open invitation for another person to enter your space can affect you. You might open yourself up to greater depths in your body and your mind.

5. A Different Body Experience

Partner yoga is a fun experience with your own body and a way to see it a bit differently. You’ll see that when you’re focusing on finding balance with someone else, your sensations of your own body change ever-so-slightly. You will also find that, while upside down, it becomes incredibly hard to know where you are in space. At first, you don’t know your left foot from your right foot, your head from your toes, or your palms from your heels. All of this unknown allows you to explore your body from a brand new perspective. Yoga with two people is such a fun way to play around and bring more awareness of your own body and how it feels to be in that body.


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