How can Yoga Improve your Health


For a long time, I’ve been doing Yoga as my main physical fitness. I love doing this than running. We do all know that this is one of the ways to improve our health, with our lifestyle and the type of food we eat – we need to do exercises and Yoga is a good choice.

But really, in what ways does Yoga improves our health?

I came across a news article from Harvard, it was talking about the Heart’s benefit from doing Yoga. Doctors have already been suggesting to do Yoga as the physical fitness for patients that have sensitive heart problems.  In a review that was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, stated that Yoga helps lower the risk of heart disease similar to ordinary exercise such as brisk walking. Because Yoga includes physical activity and in addition to breathing and meditation, which also makes it very unique than any other exercises. These three elements affect the cardiovascular risk factors in a very positive way.

Executing the different types of yoga postures will gently stretch and exercises muscles. This aids the muscles in becoming extra sensitive to insulin that controls the blood sugar. The focus on deep breathing will relax you and will help you lower the blood pressure. The meditation that calms the mind is an essential part of Yoga, this gives tranquility not only to your being but also the nervous system and will ease stress.  All of these enhancements will absolutely help to prevent heart illnesses and aid those people with cardiovascular issues.

What most Yoga practitioner likes about Yoga, includes me as well, is the meditation at every end of the Yoga class. This is usually done with your back flat on the floor and with closed eyes. In Yoga this posture is called Savasana. It would let you release energy like any pose in Yoga and the stretches will help you feel relaxed. Which I always experience and I just love how it feels.

It’s not only the heart that are getting the benefits but actually the whole body, I just especially mentioned the ‘Heart’ because of high mortality rate caused by heart illnesses.

Western Science has uncovered several clues on how Yoga is affecting our health and below are the ways that health does improve with Yoga.

Better Bone density

Yoga gives strength to your bones especially arms, and prevents osteoporosis because the poses you do requires correct posture. Yoga instructors will make sure you positioned your body in the most comfortable and correct way to prevent fractures.

Normal blood flow

When you are stressed free, you have a normal blood flow, sound mind and positive composure. Thus, preventing you getting heart illnesses caused by high blood pressure.

Heart rate improvements

Yoga will make you relax, and boost your heart rate, even lower your resting heart rate which in effect will increase your endurance and enhance the maximum take of oxygen during exercise.The meditation help you relax every muscle in your body.

Immune system enhancement

Lymph is responsible for the immune system in the body. Yoga movements help in draining lymph giving the system a fresh start everytime to better fight infection, destroy bad cells, and get rid of toxic waste in your body. In addition to that, the functionalities of the immune system are boosted when needed, this is one of the benefits that Yoga meditation gives you.

Decreases blood sugar

For people that have diabetes, Yoga will help a lot. It has been found out that Yoga can lower blood sugar, this is by decreasing the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, and promote weight loss thus and Yoga also improves the way the body handles insulin. Your body will decrease the risk of getting complications due to daibetes, complications such as heart attack, kidney failure and blindness.

Eases nervous system and gives you a good sleep

A lot of daily activities can cause stress and strain the nervous system. Doing a lot of things also hinder you from getting a good sleep. With Yoga, and the meditation that you do will help a lot in easing the nervous system thus giving you a good night sleep.

Control Adrenal glands

Adrenal glands are responsible for producing different hormones such as adrenaline, steroids aldosterone and cortisol. If one gland malfunction and secretes too many or too little of what is needed by the body, this will lead to illness and will mainly hit the organs in the body. There are a lot of reasons why adrenal glands malfunction, and one of the effective ways to prevent this is by doing Yoga. Yoga helps to control the adrenal glands, with decreasing the stress the body feels, since cortisol is secreted once the body feels stressed, it is the body’s way to relieve stres.

Improves lung functions

Because Yoga incorporates the correct breathing, this improves the lung functions. Thus helping those with lung problems because of congestive failure. Yoga maximizes the volume of breath and efficiency of exhalation. Yoga encourages breathing by the nose, where it will effectively filters, warms, and humidifies air. Breathing through the noise will aid in preventing asthma attacks due to pollen, dust and other allergens.

Prevention of cartilage and joint breakdown

Yoga poses take your body’s joints in their full range of motion. Because of this joint cartilage receives fresh nutrients which prevent the wear and tear, and protects underlying bones. Yoga also aids and prevent degenerative arthritis and helps in lessening the percentage of getting disabled.

Better Digestion

With healthy digestion, this will lower the risk of colon cancer and other digestive track diseases. Yoga develops a healthy and better digestion. Since the postures you do moves the body in a way that facilitates the trasport of food and waste products. In effect, this will definitely prevent gastroenteritis.

Healthy well-being

Because Yoga effects the the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines and gearing towards positivity. This will inspire Yoga practitioners and enhance their well-being. It doesn’t only give them a healthy body but also healthy mind and spirit.


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