How Does Yoga Boost Performance?


Do you ever have those days when your body and mind no longer function the way they used to? Just thinking about the frustration-inducing activities makes you sigh mindlessly. Due to the untreated exhaustion, the body slowly deteriorates; thus, affecting your performance. Surely, you can’t afford to further spoil your day by hearing your manager or teammate nag about your declined performance.

There are ways to recover from physical and mental exhaustion. Yoga is one of them. Considering the health benefits of yoga, your performance will certainly recover in great haste. But, how exactly will your performance recover?

How Your Performance Boosts from Yoga

In this fast-paced generation, stress factors rapidly affect people; thereby, affecting their performance gravely. To combat stress, many have resorted to unhealthy lifestyle such as chain smoking, abused alcohol intake, and excessive eating. While these unhealthy coping with stress grant them momentary relief, they don’t really help at all when faced with the unresolved stress.

Yoga helps you cope with stress factors without damaging your health. If you think your performance have declined over time due to stress and pressure, it’s about time you consider Yoga. Check the list of Yoga benefits below and regain your exemplary performance:

  1. Yoga regulates cortisol secretion

Many researchers have come up with theories that excessive cortisol (or stress hormone) secretion causes major depression. The grave effects of depression not only damage mental health but, too, affect the body. Depression unpredictably destroys your train of thoughts, making you lose your focus. As focus is lost from whatever is triggering the mental disorder, the body becomes exhausted from the weight of the problem. Thus, your performance declines rapidly.

Additionally, high levels of cortisol is linked to osteoporosis (it interrupts the formation of new bones by extracting minerals such as calcium), high blood pressure, and diabetes. These conditions are extremely alarming. Should you desire to prevent these, you know what to do. Yoga.

  1. Yoga helps release serotonin

Serotonin, also called as a happy hormone, comes in handy when handling your daily tasks. Others would find it difficult to work on their tasks because of the negative attitude they direct towards them. Sometimes the problem does not lie in the tasks or situations—it lies on the attitude when handling them. With an increased level of serotonin, stress will be at a significantly reduced rate when handling your daily tasks.
Study shows that long-term practitioners of yoga have lesser chance of being diagnosed with depression. Additionally, the increased level of happy hormones boosts immune system. Not only are you thwarting the possibilities of mental breakdown, but also protecting your body from harmful diseases.

  1. Yoga helps you keep your focus

It never is easy to work on something while your mind thinks of other things. Have you ever had enough of those days where you just lose your train of focus and mess things up? You can’t just afford to tolerate this, for doing such can abominably affect your future.
A disturbed mind is met with countless difficulties before a task is accomplished. Some tasks can’t even be accomplished depending on degrees of mental disturbance. The symbiotic relationship of yoga and meditation allows the mind to seek inner peace. Once attained, a bad memory or self-made depressing thoughts, which play in an endless loop, will eventually cease.

  1. Yoga encourages self-care

In the busiest days of your life, you often become so indulged on your tasks that you start skipping meals and smoke a cigarette or two when stress kicks in. Self-care is kept at bay. If this unhealthy way of investing in your future develops into a habit, your body will eventually deteriorate. And, that is one thing you should be avoiding otherwise all the time, effort, and money you invested would turn out as a waste.
Yoga and meditation grants you self-awareness that will eventually inspire self-care. As you become committed to practicing yoga, you’ll seek healthy ways of coping stress factors. Excessive eating, chain smoking, and heavy alcohol intake will be ridded easily. There is enlightenment in yoga and meditation that alters your mind. Having that stated, there is a significant decreased chance that the unhealthy developed habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol would result to the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. As you start being involved in self-care, you will begin to set some time to relax your body systems as you work on your tasks without damaging your health.

Other Health Benefits from Practicing Yoga

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, here are other benefits to gain by practicing yoga:

  1. Yoga improves balance

If you happen to be the clumsiest person alive, then practicing yoga may just be for you. Balance requires muscle coordination and a calm mindset. There are a lot of yoga poses that help you balance yourself. Yoga poses such as tree pose of Hatha yoga demands energy from all muscle of the body. Taking this into consideration, a daily yoga practice helps you maintain your body’s balance, thereby reducing the chances of stumbling into things that could result to major accidents.

  1. Yoga grants your skin a youthful glow

Having the desire to appear radiantly beautiful? Others invest a huge amount of money for skin maintenance, while some have given up on the idea of appearing fair. Unknown to some, practicing yoga helps you attain a certain glow of your skin. By sweating profusely, the toxins in your body are ridded. Aside from that, yoga improves blood flow that quickens the renewal of skin cells. Additionally, yoga helps regulate the secretion of body hormones; thereby, preventing hormonal imbalances that affects the skin such as pimple breakout.

  1. Yoga combats insomnia

Forcing yourself to sleep with a troubled mind only causes headache and frustration. If you consider yourself a victim of this instance, try practicing yoga. Yoga helps you relax your body and mind. After a long day of stressful dealing with clients and managers, unwinding through yoga before going to your bed rids the tension in your mind and body.

By practicing yoga on a daily basis or at least three times in a week, handling your tasks will never be as cumbersome as they used to be. Invest energetically in your health through, and experience your dreams come true while keeping your body lively enough to live the dream.


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