Kundalini Yoga Poses


Known as the “yoga of awareness”,Kundalini Yoga is a blend of physical and spiritual practices. It incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques meditation and chanting. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. It is like being given a passion to achieve the maximum creative potential and realize the life purpose that sheds light on our self-imposed limitations, and invites one to think creatively and develop our intuitive mind. The term Kundalini means “a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine which symbolizes as a coiled-up serpent.

Proven techniques of the Kundalina Yoga can gradually awaken this so called serpent and one’s life will be transformed into one of health, happiness and harmony. One will feel more relax and at ease with oneself than ever felt before and will enjoy an elevation in consciousness, promotion of physical well-being and an expansion of awareness. Each kundalini class begins with a chant and is followed up by a warmup for the spine. The main part of the class is the kriyas, which combine postures and breathing techniques and end with a meditation and chant. See below for some Kundalini poses one can practice.

Camel Pose

Camel Pose is a level back-bending yoga posture known to open the Heart chakra. This yoga posture adds flexibility and strength to the body and also helps in bettering digestion.

How to do Camel Pose

  1. On the yoga mat, kneel and place one’s hands on the hips.
  2. Knees should be in line with the shoulders and the sole of the feet facing the ceiling.
  3. As one inhales, draw in your tail-bone towards the pubis as if being pulled from the navel.
  4. Arch the back and slide the palms over the feet till the arms are straight.
  5. Do not strain the neck and keep it in a neutral position.
  6. Breathe out and slowly come back to the initial pose. Withdraw the hands and bring them back to the hips as one straighten up.

Benefits of the Camel Pose

  • It significantly improves digestion.
  • It strengthens the back and shoulders.
  • It relieves menstrual discomfort.
  • It makes the spine flexible and helps in the betterment of your posture.
  • It opens up the frontal portions of the torso.

Cobra Pose

It is a beginning back bend in yoga that helps prepare the body for deeper back bends.Bhujanga, the Sanskrit word for serpent, is derived from the root bhuj, meaning to bend or curve. It strengthens the spine and buttocks as well as stretch the chest, shoulders, and abdomen. Strength and flexibility are important components of a healthy back.

How to do Cobra Pose

  1. Lie on your belly, with the chin on the floor, palms flat on the floor under the shoulders and legs together.
  2. Pull up the knee caps, squeeze the thighs and buttocks and press the pubic bone down the floor.
  3. Lift the head and chest off of the floor, keeping the neck in line with the spine.
  4. Press down into the palms and use the arms to lift oneself up even higher.
  5. Drop the shoulders down and back and press the chest forward. Keep the legs, buttocks, and mula bandha strong, and keep the pubic bone down into the floor.
  6. Slowly lower the chest and head to the floor.

Benefits of the Cobra Pose

  • Stimulates organs in the abdomen, like the kidneys.
  • Improves circulation of blood and oxygen, especially throughout the spinal and pelvic regions
  • Firms and tones the buttocks
  • Stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdominals
  • Relieves stress and fatigue

Nose to Knee Pose

It is a way of physically and mentally connecting mind and body by bringing the head to touch the knee. This allows you to feel grateful for your body’s capabilities, no matter how limited or inexperienced you may feel.

How to do the Nose to Knee Pose

1. Lie on the mat with legs stretched in front of you and arms by your side.
2. Bring your left leg into your chest, bending the knee and wrap both arms around the knee.
3. Lift your head, bringing your nose to “kiss” the knee.
4. Hold here for 10-15 seconds before releasing and switching to the other side.

Benefits of the Nose to Knee Pose

• It relieves anxiety, fatigue, headache, menstrual discomfort
• It calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression
• It improves digestion remarkably
• It stimulates the liver and kidneys
• It helps relieve the symptoms of menopause

Forward Fold Pose

It is a deep stretch that causes aches in the hamstrings because of the intense fold of this pose it must be done in tune with a deep and steady breathing.

How to do the Forward Fold Pose

  1. Start in a relaxed standing pose with feet hip-width apart and arms rested by your side.
  2. Slowly fold the torso forward and bring it as close to the thighs as you can, bringing the arms downward with it.
  3. Wrap the hands around each leg and use the biceps to pull the torso closer. If you cannot physically do this, let your upper body hang free and grab opposite elbows with your hands.
  4. Hold for 15-30 seconds before releasing.

Benefits of the Forward Fold Pose

  • It increase circulation to the pelvic organs.
  • It tones and stimulates the internal organs.
  • It stretches the hamstrings, calves, and hips
  • It relieves headache and insomia
  • It reduces fatigue and anxiety

Rock Pose

This basic pose allows to close your eyes and drift away into your own thoughts, focusing heavily on proper breathing. This is a fantastic pose to practice after eating or when experiencing stomach discomfort because it facilitates good digestion of the digestive system that enables one to digest rocks. The Sanskrit term was derived from Vajra which means diamond or thunderbolt.

How to do the Rock Pose

1. Get into a kneeling posture, with the tops of the feet on the ground.
2. Sit back on the heels so that they are pressed squarely against the sitting bones. 3.
3. Rest your hands comfortably on the thighs.
4. Center your weight on the sitting bones through the heels and into the ground. 5.
5. Completely releasing your weight to gravity through the sitting bones and the heels can be challenging to the tops of the feet, but the legs will feel better and the spine will be in alignment.

Benefits of Rock Pose

  • It helps relieve constipation & strengthens lower back, legs and thighs
  • It helps in relaxation.
  • It helps in making the lower body flexible.
  • It helps in curing various body ailments like vericose veins and joint pains.
  • This pose is a magic pose for people suffering from arthritis as it acts as a pain killer.

When someone pratices Kundalini Yoga, the basic teachings to follow is using sound, breath, and posture as it aims to develop spiritual awareness by freeing the serpent power (kundalini) that is coiled in the base of the spine and drawing it upward through the seven chakras.


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