Try Yoga Outdoors


In practicing yoga, people usually think of it as something you do indoors; either in a gym, yoga studios or your own home. Even if winter feels like forever, spring is just around the corner or if you are living in a place that does not get too cold, you might seem to get a bit stuck after the holidays and because you’ve been inactive during the holidays and seem to stay inside of your home to rest and all, going back to yoga class may seem to be a bit hard.

Now it is already time to change up to change your practice. As the weather gets warmer, it is nice to be one with nature. Including the outdoors to your daily routine is an amazing way to energize your practice while feeling the beauty of the world around you. Having a connection with the beauty that is around you can be more relaxing than doing it indoors. You will never know you might like it more or even love it; and you will have a whole new perspective of how you see the world.

Try a new environment in practicing what you love. You fell in love with yoga already, right? So why not explore the outdoors than just doing it simply inside the four corners of a room. The idea of doing it outdoors can also be challenging. Imagine a scenario in which you have already placed your yoga mat in a soft bed of grass then suddenly an unleashed dog runs around the place, it ruins your concentration right? Well it can be a test of your patience. But it can also be an opportunity for you to deepen your practice.

Taking yourself out of the normal routine you have every time you practice mean it is not always going to go according to plan. But the moment you step outside, it is the time that you have embraced the changes you have chosen. Choosing and learning to trust the lesson of the moment is a shift that you will learn how to appreciate even the things that you think is distracting just like a shower of sand in the middle of you meditation or a burst of laughter from the kids that are running freely at the park but at the end of your practice, you will realize that you have found more peace and stillness knowing that you stepped out of your comfort zone which is practicing indoors and feel satisfied that you did something different and had a taste of peace in being one with mother nature.

One of yoga’s beauties is that you can do it anywhere and it turns out that nature can enhance your practice way more than a yoga studio can. Spending time with nature by practicing yoga can replenish depleted energy in a way that it sends signal to the brain that you are back in your native environmental scenery that our mother nature can heighten awareness. It heightens breath awareness and the uneven surface engages and strengthens the core. By doing yoga outdoors, you can establish your relationship with the environment and how inseparable you are from it.

One of the great benefits of yoga outdoors is the social benefits. You may have friends or family that is having a hard time to practice alone. Human interaction also is a big benefit in practicing yoga outdoor. For example, by practicing in a park, people’s laughter can be a distraction but it can also help in boosting a person’s happiness. It can affect your practice in both positive and negative way, it is up to you on how you handle it.

You also might want to have the essentials in doing yoga outdoor. Here’s a list of thing you would need.

Look for an awesome view – It is not required that you travel far to find an awesome view. Go for the view that relaxes your mind.

A cushy yoga mat – Outdoor ground is different from the studio floor. You would want to cover small branches of trees and call rocks. You can also stack to yoga mats together.

A Towel – Of course a towel is really an essential in yoga. You would use this during the class and after the class.

Sunscreen – Make sure that your sunscreen is ready. You would not want awkward tan lines and sunburn after class.

Water – Water is a must. You must be kept hydrated especially when it is too hot.

A Smile – You are doing yoga outside. There can always be chance that someone you know to see you. A little smile won’t hurt.

Music – If you are practicing alone, you might want to cue up your iPod for some relaxing or meditation music. It can help you focus more.

These points are essential to yogis who want to try outdoor yoga. It may not be easy at first but you will get used to it. You will realize the difference of outdoor and indoor yoga and you will be so excited to try.

Here are tips to keep in mind when doing yoga under the heat of the sun.

Stay hydrated – As what is stated above, keeping yourself hydrated is an important thing. For a safe yoga session, keep your water in arm’s reach.

Avoid hard surfaces – You would not want to do yoga on a very hard surface. Even with a yoga mat, if the surface is hard, it will stay rough. Uncomfortable.

Avoid uneven terrains – Avoiding terrains is a must simply because it is an invitation to injury.


Watch out for splinters – you have to be extra care full unless you want a sliver of woodwork inching its way under your nice skin.

As you have read, trying yoga outdoors is very different than practicing it indoors. There are a lot of point to remember and a lot of things to bring but trust me it will all be worth it. So in conclusion, watch where you put your mat, use your sunscreen and do not forget your towel and water!


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