Ways that Yoga Enhanced Addiction Recovery


Yoga has changed so many people’s lives from gaining confidence in any field to promoting their health by changing lifestyle and adding Yoga to their daily routine.

There’s also one interesting story, and this is indeed a true story, on how Yoga has changed this person’s life. He went ver difficult time

Recovering from Addiction – or what we lightly call as Habit.

As Jigar Gor said “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down”

Let me define addiction, it has been referred as a brain disease because this affects the functioning of the brain thus includes the body. The body becomes dependent of a substance or a behaviour regardless of the knowledge that it is harmful to the body.

Substances has this property where it would ask to consume more of it, where the brain would keep on wanting to experience the same hype when you took the substance.

How does one start with his addiction?

It could be due to the influence of friends and relatives, most of the time people would think that the addiction happened because the person has a problem. But really the most common is being influenced by friends or relatives.

Like with Alcohol, celebration can never be without beers and alcohol. For first timers, it will only take one sip, and this will keep you wanting to taste the liquor that made you feel the satisfaction. In addition, most people would like to bond in with the people in the crowd.

Another addiction is abusing the substance called methamphetamine, this is the very worst substance to use. This has a direct effect on your brain.

The only way to cure one’s self is to undergo rehabilitation. This is done by reforming the way they are thinking, fixing the pattern of their thinking and rehabilitation takes 90 days to 18 months, depending on how the patient is coping up with the program. Some maybe rejecting everything, so they could take a lot longer.

Once the patient is cleared and sober, it doesn’t mean they can’t go back to their addiction. It becomes a challenge to them once they are out. Once they go back to the outside world, meet familiar faces, do the usual activities that they do. It takes a lot of determination changing what they once been doing. But one wrong action might take them back to the rehab center.

One soul who got out from rehab and still under recovery, has found Yoga a great way to continue being sober and clean.

Here’s how Yoga helped him:

Helps Accepting Undesired Emotions

The main culprit as why people go astray and abuse alcohol or drugs is the overwhelming emotions. Like when you are depressed, you tend to be so negative and you end up doing irrational things, you do what your friends tell you, you are lucky if your friends are genuinely concern and care about you but if not then you’ll put your life in danger. With Yoga, you’ll learn the proper way to cope up with stress, will give you the ability to focus, through constant meditation.

Yoga Stops the Cravings

Craving is very hard to stop because you already know how it feels when you use or take the addictive substance so your body will try again and urge you to give in and take one more of the substance. Craving is natural though, everyone craves especially with food like food, you notice how you would want to find the food you crave the most and buy at all cost. Because you have imagined how pleasurable the taste was, and how much satisfaction it brings you. With the help of Yoga, you can stop the craving by focusing, and do more of breathing, posing and meditation.

Yoga Promotes Detoxification

Yoga has poses that help with the detoxification of the body. The twist poses of Yoga does the job, it helps to relieve the body’s muscles from stress and gives better blood circulation does cleansing the body. Yoga postures also compress all of the parts of the body to aid eliminate impurities from different organs and to allow oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to flow through the organs, detoxifying and boosting metabolism.

As Physical Exercise

It is highly recommended by therapists to do physical exercises daily, and many  of those recovering have found that this helps their mind to stay away from illegal drugs, alcohol and anything that is bad for their health and may cause addiction.


Since Yoga lets you meditate, focusing only on yourself, you get to be reminded of your mistakes and able to think clearly on how to move on from it and by forgiving and accepting the old you who had done those mistakes and embracing the new you. Focus on who you are now, the person who had undergone and survived the trials. Take the opportunity of a second chance it is rare to take advantage.

Summarizing all these, Yoga can help you to recover from addiction by bringing you a positive outlook on life. Giving importance to the only life that you have, and loving yourself more and being happy and comfortable with who you are. Letting Yoga be part of your daily routine will surely make a difference.



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