Why you should Meditate?


If you are doing YOGA, then you should also be meditating. Some people may find it unnecessary, or some might say that they don’t know the benefit and just do it when instructed but not really into it.

Let me simplify first the meaning of Meditation, this is a mean of thinking deeply about something. And this something can be anything positive, that will clear your mind and calm your emotions. Though Meditation is done in different methods by spiritual and religious practitioners it only has the same purpose which is to Clear the Mind and achieve inner peace.

And for Yoga Practitioners, meditation is to have a clear mind, be at ease, and focused within. When you are meditating, your mind isn’t focused of the outside world nor the happenings in your surrounding but instead focused within yourself, even if you are fully awake and alert. Meditation requires a state from the inside being that is still and one-pointed so that the mind becomes silent. When the mind and inner self is quiet and does not distract you, meditation deepens more.

Some yoga practitioner has more interesting reasons why they meditate and are focused with meditation more that anyone else could be. Read below, one you might find interesting (wink).

Meditation can help you accept and endure failure

Just simply moving on, in whatever aspect of life it could be. In many instances, we fail – fail in studies, fail to win a contest, fail to make a computer work, fail to hold on to your promises and many more. Basically, failure is when things don’t work out however you had it planned or how you are expecting the output is. When it happens we think of negative things and begin to be hard on ourselves, and may result in unnecessary things such as hurting ourselves physically or emotionally.

With Meditation,  it will help us avoid making judgments on things as good or bad. And make you see the positive things when you fail, this will also make you look at failure as a chance to a new and better opportunity in your life.

Help you remove that “Grumpy Mood”

It’s awful when you face a person with a grumpy mood, and more often it’s contagious even if you were having a good day but the mood will shift eventually and you tend to get grumpy. There’s a lot factors that a person is grumpy: It could be caused by stress, in work or school or with family. Some people don’t know that they are already are experiencing a cranky mood regardless how you tell them to relax or think positively. Good thing there’s Yoga, and doing a pose from Yoga where you can have inner peace will help you reset your feeling of grumpiness.

The breathing that comes with the meditation will calm yourself and focusing on yourself and happy thoughts will banish the bad mood that you are about to shift into.

Help you negotiate – either salary for a job while on a job interview or if on a market or trying to make a sale

Before going into a negotiation, try to concentrate or meditate and visualize the meeting, however, it’s done whether phone, via video call or in person. If this is a negotiation for a salary, think of how much you deserve, your skills and experience for the job you are applying for, and then try to be on the interviewer’s shoes and think what could be their motivating force and their perspective, what they’re trying to achieve by hiring you. And think very clearly about what you would like to attain, and just be open to the possibility that you can meet halfway which will give both sides a win-win outcome. Accepting the pressure from the situation will enhance your potential and be the most amazing version of you. Not everyone finds it easy to negotiate, because they would think they might be aiming for too much and ends up loosing the chance to be hired and would end up getting a very low salary but then you just need to meditate and focus.

And here’s one very interesting reason –

It may enhance your sex life, save marriage and make stronger relationship

There was a study that has been published just recently by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, about women that meditate often are scored higher than nonmeditators in terms of the measure of sexual function and desire. There’s a meditation that will let you focus on your physical and emotional experience with your partner/spouse, exploring the sacred space of your bodies, breathing and mind, and enhance the intimacy through touch.

There are a lot of couples that separate because their sex life has not been exciting for them. They would reason out that they lack the intimacy, that there’s no longer any thrill when they do the act and then eventually look for someone else that will give them that thrill and both will fall out of love from each other and separate.

Meditation will change it and will give them again the feelings they look for when couples make love or will multiply that feeling, that satisfaction, that thrill.



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