Why We Love Yoga and Why You Should Too


Yoga is becoming more and more popular today because of the physical, mental and even spiritual benefits it brings. Here are the major reasons why we love yoga and why you should, too:

#1: It’s for everyone.


Yes, majority of the attendees in most yoga classes all over the world are fit, flexible women. But, contrary to common belief that yoga is only for sexy women, it’s actually not just for them. Women and men of all size and age are very welcome to do it. In fact, more and more people today are doing it – people in different sizes, different culture, different colors.


Usual poses for beginners are:


  • Mountain pose (Tadasana)
  • Tree pose (Vrksasana)
  • Triangle pose (Utthita Trikonasana)
  • Warrior (Virabhadrasana I)
  • Seated twist (Bharadvajasana I)
  • Cobra (Bhujangasana)
  • Child’s pose (Balasana)
  • Crane pose (Bakasana)
  • Pigeon pose (Kapotasana)
  • Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)




#2: You can do it anywhere.



It doesn’t matter if you’re on a mountain hike, on a beach vacation or even on a corner street. If you feel like doing some yoga poses or meditation, go ahead. The world is your playground.

#3: No special equipment is needed.


With yoga, all you need are just a few square feet of space and a reliable mat. No need to bring a large gym bag or carry around heavy equipment. You don’t even need shoes!


To give you an idea of the simplest poses that you can do anywhere at anytime, here is a list – you wouldn’t even need a mat for these!


  • Dangle pose (Baddha Hasta Uttanasana)
  • Garland Pose (Malasana)
  • Standing Pigeon (Eka Pada Galavasana Prep)
  • Lord of the Dance Pose (Natarajasana)
  • Standing Backbend (Anuvittasana)
  • Eagle Pose (Garudasana)
  • Revolved Chair Pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana)
  • Wide-Legged Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana C)

#4: It’s a stress reliever.


Who doesn’t want to get rid of stress? While exercise in general is known to help relieve stress, yogi Terrence Monte explained that unlike yoga which uses a myriad of relaxation techniques, going to amped-up fitness centers or boxing gyms can actually make a person more aggressive and tired. Basing on several studies, yoga is proven to minimize perceived stress and anxiety and even lower the body’s stress hormones.


The top 5 yoga poses that are known to help relieve stress are:


  • Eagle pose (Garudasana)
  • Standing forward fold (Uttanasana)
  • Child’s Pose (Balasana)
  • Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana) Variation
  • Reclined Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

#5: It helps in flexibility and mobility.


The practice of yoga allows your body, muscles and joints to move through a greater range of motion. For beginners, it could be quite uncomfortable but over time and regular practice, you will notice your body becoming more and more flexible. This flexibility makes you less prone to injuries, gives you an advantage in just about every sport, as well as withstand physical stress. Additionally, yoga increases mobility so that you can bring more ease to your movement. You can do even the most mundane tasks like reaching for a tiny spoon under the cabinet without any trouble.

#6: It’s very good for the health.

Yoga is healthy in so many ways.

First, it promotes detoxification and improves digestion. With a series of yoga asanas (postures) including spinal twists, spinal joints are loosened plus motility and mobility of organs and muscles are increased. Yoga guru and author Cameron Alborizan says, “Think of the body as a sponge filled with dirty sink water. Gentle twists help to wring the sponge out and purge toxins.”

Second, it helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, decrease cholesterol and improve health problems like heart disease, fatigue, asthma, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain and many more.

Third, it boosts the immune system. And, yoga also enhances the function of our lungs and gives us more control on our breathing pattern. This is not only physiologically helpful but also aids us in keeping healthy emotions and healthy relationships. You see, breathing techniques can calm our emotions. It can separate us from saying something you will regret and makes you think clearer even in difficult times.

#7: It protects the brain in ways you can’t imagine.

As we age, our gray matter brain volume decreases. With yoga, our brains are protected from shrinking over time. According to a study in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, people who practice yoga had brain volumes typical for much younger people. Brain imaging studies even revealed that in some regions of the brain, 50-year-old meditators were found to have the gray matter volume of 25-year-olds. What’s even more amazing is that the effects can occur in as early as 8 weeks! One study found growth in some areas of the brain that are responsible for memory, cognition, learning and emotional regulation. It also revealed significant decline in areas that are responsible for stress, fear and anxiety.

#8: It helps you sleep better.


Unwinding before bedtime is a proven effective sleep technique. If you take time at the end of the day to practice yoga and make yourself at home with your body, you will be able to relax into a good night’s sleep.


Try these relaxing yoga poses on top of meditation and other relaxation techniques and you will surely have the quality sleep that you so deserve:


  • Upside-down relaxation
  • Winding down twist
  • Night time Goddess Stretch
  • Child’s pose (Balasana)
  • Rock-a-bye Roll

#9: It makes you stronger. Even men agree.


Yoga is a full-body workout that targets all muscles of the body with both static holds and dynamic movement. With nothing to use and support you but your own body weight, you will be able to build functional strength in areas where you really need it.


#10: It’s the perfect prenatal exercise.

Yoga is not just ideal for moms-to-be to stay in shape. It also helps the mother to become stronger and more prepared for birth. Here’s a quick list of yoga moves that can help moms-to-be with their labor:

  • Standing mountain (Tadasana)
  • Supported triangle
  • Supported squat
  • Cat/Cow Sequence
  • Child’s pose (Balasana)
  • Belly Breathing

#11: You will have a great sense of inner calm.

To quote an excerpt from Yoga Sutra, “Yoga is the stilling of the turnings of the mind.” This means that yoga teaches us how to step back from our distressing and tense thoughts thereby helping us maintain a state of inner calm.

#12: It helps build self-confidence.


No matter how many times you fall or how many times you fail to perfect a pose, at the end of the day, you will feel great, more confident and best of all, totally un-judged. With regular practice, you will be able to see improvement as well as experience better posture. These factors will help you hone your self-confidence to take on challenges beyond the mat.

#13: It widens your circle.


With over 35 million Americans practicing yoga, you are sure to meet a lot of fellow yogis along the way. And we’re not only talking about US. We’re talking about the entire world! Europe? Asia? Australia? Even in Africa, many people practice yoga! It’s a global thing! You can even practice together!

#14: It’s a good weight management program.

Like any other exercise, yoga helps you burn those unwanted calories. Albeit less vigorous, yoga guarantees weight control , stress reduction and mindful eating habits.

#15: It can improve your posture.

Good posture can do so much – lessen the risk of injury, reduces back pain and even help in breathing better. With yoga, you are able to combine core strengthening with core mobility and kinesthetics. All these aid in improving posture.

To help relieve any back pain and at the same time enhance your posture, here are our favorite yoga poses:

  • Bird Dog
  • Forearm plank
  • Boat (Paripurna Navasana)
  • Camel Pose (Ustrasana)
  • Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

#16: It promises a steamier sex life.


Studies have shown that yoga greatly affects sex life in multiple ways. First, it increases testosterone levels, a major sexual hormone, in the blood. Second, all the relaxation and breathing techniques help in having better and longer sex. As one man yogi pointed out, yoga can increase sexual endurance, help prevent premature ejaculation and it will even help in making you more sensitive and responsive to your partner. Several studies even found links between yoga and sexual satisfaction factors such as performance and confidence.

#17: It sculpts your muscles.

To build mass and strength, the magic of yoga is that it uses your own body weight. Comparing to free weights, yoga allows you to gain the same muscle-building benefits by performing long and extended exercises without the need for fitness equipment.


#18: It makes spectacular photographs.

Let’s face it. When you see photographs of people doing yoga poses, you secretly wish you can do it, too! Whether you’re in the desserts of Abu Dhabi or in an iconic attraction in Europe or in a stunning beach in Bali, yoga poses can give your photograph that extra oomph.

If you want to rev up those Instagram posts, here are yoga poses that look perfect in any photo:

  • Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)
  • Tiger pose
  • Crane pose (Bakasana)
  • King pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)
  • Extended side angle pose – our favorite!
  • Tree pose (Vrksasana)
  • Dancer – another favorite!
  • Wheel pose
  • Splits
  • Triangle pose (Utthita Trikonasana)
  • Eagle pose (Garudasana)


Why We Love Yoga and Why You Should Too
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Why We Love Yoga and Why You Should Too
Yoga is becoming more and more popular today because of the physical, mental and even spiritual benefits it brings. Here are the major reasons why we love yoga and why you should, too:
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