Yoga, a Phenomenon Around the Globe


Yoga, a phenomenon around the globe

When someone talks about Yoga, almost everyone knows what Yoga is. Some describes it as a way of losing weight, gaining mental strength and improving one’s flexibility and good body posture. Others, especially to those who have only seen yoga in televisions and online sites describe it in a funny way, by showing and demonstrating the different Yoga poses in front of other people and there is no doubt that one can easily identify it to Yoga or something that is in relation to it. Yoga is a now a household word and almost everyone is doing it around the globe hoping to gain and experience the benefits of Yoga.

Yoga, is a discipline of the mind and body with a long standing history that is deeply rooted from India for about 5000 years ago and is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning “to yoke”. Its purpose is to build and nurture harmony in the mind, body and surroundings. In today’s times no one expected that eventually it will become a phenomenon that is gaining rapid popularity around globe ranging from children, young adults and the old ones because of the multiple and proven health benefits gained from practicing the discipline. Yoga is a series of stretches and poses which is gentle that almost anyone is capable of doing it anytime and anywhere.

Here are some of the reasons why it is so popular nowadays.

1. It is accessible

Few years back, it used to be traditionally done inside a Yoga studio or a gym where a person needs to enrol in a class with other Yoga enthusiasts and a well trained and licensed yoga instructor that will guide each and everyone of what is yoga all about and how to fully commit yourself of of the practice. Joining a class is still widely being practiced today especially with the beginners and also seen on the steady increase of yoga classes but let’s all face it, with the emergence of the influence of social media and other different online platforms, one can easily watch and read it on any device which led to others doing yoga at home, at the backyard or basically anywhere where you feel relax and that the environment is fitted for it. Technology in no doubt has helped revolutionize and broaden the reach of yoga to a wider audience and has taken the world by storm. It is everywhere.

2. It is seen as a physical fitness tool

As the world is getting busier each they, many people go out of their way to search for the best outlet one can have to keep a physically fit body. Almost everyone knows that doing Yoga has a lot of health benefits in it. It reduces stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, manage to relieve depression, insomia and anxiety and improves the overall physical fitness,flexibility and strength of one’s being.
These being said we see a lot of companies conducting yoga activities in the to encourage their employees to take part of the activity. There are also programs done by groups to several communities to let other people know the existence and importance of yoga. We can say that there is a rapid growth of Yoga in our society today.

3. A mental fitness exercise

A lot of things are happening everyday that our mental mind are being challenge even creating mental stress that is so draining. Unlike people who do not practice yoga, people who do yoga regularly has a stronger sense of mental clarity and strength. It aides in relaxation and promoting better sleep and it actually rebuilds some gray areas of the brain which enhances the mental functions like multitasking and focusing on things we do. Multiple and continuous deep breaths allows to calm the minds. It is known that the practice of yoga releases a chemical called Gamma-aminobutyric acid in the thalamus that in effect leads to have a happy mind. It removes the toxins the poisons the mind and unites everything. The ease received from doing yoga teaches us that peace and happiness lies within our very core. Yoga, improves the quality of life of each and everyone of us.

4. Yoga creates a healthier lifestyle.

The busy life at work and at home makes an individual to set aside living a healthy lifestyle which will eventually make us regret in the future. It is positive to hear that through yoga, people are more active to do physical things compared to those who don’t practice it. Most of yogis are found to be taking part in sports, any outdoor activities and that some take extreme adventures that interest them because of the good impact yoga has in them. Yoga gives motivation to people to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet or a healthier one than before.

Overall, Yoga practice improves all aspects of our health. Satisfaction and enjoyment is brought by yoga to those who do it on a daily basis. As it is believe that all people, regardless of ability or background, deserves access to the magic of this ancient discipline that gives multiple health benefits. It’s increasingly seen as therapy for the body and mind and belongs to the ongoing trends of physical exercise. The rise of Yoga indicates a turn towards doing natural health options to better the mind and body. Yoga has been around for thousands of years already and it’s popularity is rising. It has spread to every part of the globe that practitioners make incredible ways of changes, innovation, and creativity to it and has improved so many lives along the journey. With all these benefits listed above, there is no doubt why the popularity of Yoga continues to rise and be among the trends of making one self physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Nothing can stop it and it thrives to invade the world. So before it’s too late, practice yoga not and be part of the million people around the globe that receives the benefits of Yoga.


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