Yoga as an Effective Stress Reliever


Every one of us undergoes stress in our daily living. Let’s talk about stress first and what causes it and how it can affect us, let’s learn to know if what you are experiencing is realy stress.

There are a lot of different types of stress but not all of them are bad because of the effect it has, like a certain type of stress can improve your alertness, brain works faster, and there wil be a sudden boost of energy. Stress can also heighten your senses to help you evade accidents. The body has a response that we call “fight-or-flight” which is triggered when your body and brain is feeling the stress.

But then you have to be careful of the stress that are definitely bad. This can give the worst effect to you and your body, it affects mental and physical health. Stress is meant to only last at a short period, you body should go back to the normal state after a stressful even would pass. Muscles and heart rate should be relaxed and breathing should be back to normal.

Here are the Types of stress that you should be aware of:

Acute stress

The most common of all the stress types. This is a way of your body’s instant reaction when you met a sudden demand, challenge or event. Like for example – an argument with a loved one, a mistake at work that may cost you, and or an almost accidental event like almost falling or tripping.

Acute stress is not always bad, this can also be a result when you get a surprise or sudden feeling of shock, like when someone jokingly jumps at you to surprise you. In terms of health, this shouldn’t affect you in any way but the experience will become a practice for your brain that makes it develop the best reaction to the future stressful events.

Sever acute stress, on the other hand, is when a person experienced stress out of a life-threatening situation, or when he/she is a victim of a crime. These stressful experiences can possibly lead to a mental illness.

Episodic Acute Stress

This is when stress happens so frequently. People having this kind of stress are easy to recognize because they are the ones who are grumpy, anxious and short-tempered. They are finding hard to control or tend their stress that it becomes part of their daily living. They become negative and hard to be around sometimes.

Chronic Stress

This stress is a result when acute stress remains for a long period of time. If the stress doesn’t go away and is constant it can result to a serious illness such as heart ailment, cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver and may the cause for accidents and the worst – suicide.

Main causes of chronic stress are impoverishment, family problems, bad employers and bad job.

Simple feeling and events can cause you stress, you may not recognize it as one but your body does and will undergo certain processes to get rid of stress.

Get RID of Stress by doing YOGA

According to statistics, 80 to 90 percent of people that goes to the doctor is because of stress-related sickness. Only 3% of these patient receives advice from the doctor on how to distress themselves, since not all doctor recognizes stress as the cause, but this is most likely unless the patient would let them know how they are feeling since doctors would can only diagnose base of what the patient tells them.

Now, these doctors would advice their patients to do activities that would distress them, activities that will make them relax like Yoga.

According to statistics, 85% of the people taking Yoga had said that doing Yoga has freed them from Stress. Unlike any other exercises, Yoga does not only cover physical fitness, but also the mental health. If you compare Yoga with exercises like weight-lifting, zumba, spinning class and running, it’s actually very different. Yoga isn’t just about movements, how much you sweat and how much fats you have lost. You attain all of that in Yoga, but this is the fitness activity that has philosophy of self-awareness and compassion. Being non-judgmental or compassionate to others and yourself is one of the most essential concept of Yoga, it will make you realize how much stress you are getting just being hard on yourself and irritated with others for whatever reason.

Body and mind are one and linked, this is the most basic principle of Yoga. So if one is stressed it will affect the other. Most of us are living predominantly in either one, which eventually creates the lack of proportion and awareness. Like for an example, Software Engineers spends a lot of time thinking where of course using their mind not knowing that there’s already much of pressure stored in their body. And for athletes, who are much aware with the happenings of their body than their mental state. In the event you have fallen on such spectrum, Yoga aids you in balancing and toning the connection between the mind and the body.

Your body’s Parasympathetic Nervous system is also being trained when you do Yoga. This is the counter-stress response system on your body.


Here’s how you fuse Yoga into your daily life to effectively help you cope up with daily stress.

  1. Breathing

This is essential to link with your own body and turn down the stress dial.

Use Ujjayi Breath or also known as Ocean Breath in every post that you do, take sometime to learn this breathing technique.

A quick how to do: Slowly take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your nose while narrowing the back of your throat in the shape of when you would say “HA” but your mouth should be kept close. You’ll know you are successful in this doing this breathe when you sound like the ocean waves or like the evil Darth Vader.

You can also do  a calming breath which is called Alternater Nostril Breathing, where you cover one nostril and alternately.

2. Yoga poses listed below are specifically designed to relieve stress and don’t forget to do the UJJAYI pose.

  • Child pose
  • Standing forward bend
  • Wide-legged forward bend
  • low lunge pos
  • yogi squat/Garland pose
  • Fierce pose
  • lizard pose
  • bound angle pose
  • legs up the wall
  • modified legs up the wall using a chair

Stress is something not to be taken lightly, it affect so much of our daily lives. And Yoga has been proven to be an effective stress reliever. I would strongly suggest that everyone should do Yoga, this would also lengthen life.


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